Mezzelune alla italiana


I have to admit 2 things: first, we didn’t post for a long time (several reasons), second, I LOVE pasta and specially this dish I created last night! I have to share it with you!
So: we’re back on track! 🙂

– mezzelune (here: filled with mascarpone and basil)
– 2 hand full cherry tomates
– 2 hand full fresh spinach
– olive oil
– chopped garlic
– chopped parsley
– a little cream
– salt&pepper
– parmesan

Preparation (10min):
1. Cook the mezzelune about 2-3 minutes in salted water and strain the pasta.
2. Heat up olive oil in the same pan, add cherry tomates and spinach.
3. Reduce heat after 3 minutes, add garlic, parsley and a little cream, season with salt&pepper.
4. Top the pasta with your sauce and serve with parmesan. Enjoy! 🙂

Love, Parsley